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  • Chopra, Sunil; Shim, Sang Ho; Steffy, Daniel E. (Discrete Applied Mathematics, 2019-01)
    For the integer knapsack problem, the i/k -facets with dividing 6 or 8 were shown to be very strong and efficiently separated (Chopra et al., 2015; Shim et al., 2017). We give a concise characterization of the i/k -facets ...
  • Chopra, Sunil; Filipecki, Bartosz; Lee, Kangbok; Ryu, Minseok; Shim, Sang Ho; Vyve, Mathieu Van (Mathematical Programming, 2017)
    We introduce a strong extended formulation of the convex recoloring problem on a tree, which has an application in analyzing phylogenetic trees. The extended formulation has only a polynomial number of constraints, but ...
  • Shim, Sang Ho; Chopra, Sunil (Networks, 2018)
    We develop a polynomial size extended graph formulation of the graph partition problem which dominates the formulation introduced by Chopra and Rao’s study, and show that the extended graph formulation is tight on a tree. ...
  • Shim, Sang Ho; Chopra, Sunil; Cao, Wenwei (Mathematical Programming, 2017)
    In this paper we identify strong facet defining inequalities for the master knapsack polytope. Our computational experiments for small master knapsack problems show that 1 / k-facets for small values of k ( k≤4 ) are ...

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