Sustainability: A Look at the Eco-Friendly Practices in Sports

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dc.description.abstract Concerns for taking care of the environment have grown over the last decade with the appearance of holes in the ozone layer. If not taken seriously, our planet may encounter major changes in the weather and result in possible disasters such as floods. The time has come for our country to do their part and better their daily activities to help prevent such problems to occur. Sports play a major role in our lives. Whether we play them or watch them, they consume much of our time and sometimes our part of our daily routine. For this reason, professional teams are a sizable influence on their followers. If people watch their teams starting to operate in eco-friendly ways, these followers may start to pick up on these practices. Pittsburgh is a city that has made a complete transformation from its early days. Being known for many years as a dirty, grimy city, it was hazardous to live near there due to all of the ash and smoke pouring out from the numerous smoke stacks found in many steel mills around the area. When the steel mill industry started collapsing in Pittsburgh in the 1970s and 1980s, the environment started to change for the better and the city bettered their clean up program. With all of the efforts and changes made to the city’s operations, Pittsburgh has been ranked the number one city in America to live in several times over the last few years. The three professional sports teams found in Pittsburgh, the Pirates, Penguins, and Steelers, have a large influence on the locals. Over the last decade, the teams have substantially improved their operations to follow the trending “Going Green” way of life. The Pirates were recognized by the White House for their eco-friendly practices and the Penguins’ arena, CONSOL Energy Center, became the first LEED Gold certified arena in the NHL. The Steelers have not been aggressive with making such changes, but have installed a couple green practices over the last few years. That is why some suggestions have been made to help these teams better their programs and become even more influential than they already are.
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dc.title Sustainability: A Look at the Eco-Friendly Practices in Sports en_US
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