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Welcome to the DSpace digital repository at Robert Morris University. DSpace is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital material. Repositories are important tools for preserving an organization's legacy; they facilitate digital preservation and scholarly communication.

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  • Tinik, Nathanael (Robert Morris University Honors Program, 2014-05-08)
    Recidivism, when used to describe criminals, is the act of an individual being rearrested for committing a similar offense. Many factors exist that are associated with recidivism and have predictive value. Age is one such ...
  • Smith, Jennifer (Robert Morris University Honors Program, 2014-05-08)
    Concerns for taking care of the environment have grown over the last decade with the appearance of holes in the ozone layer. If not taken seriously, our planet may encounter major changes in the weather and result in ...
  • Burns, Sarah (Robert Morris University Honors Program, 2014-05-08)
    Organic wastes produced by colleges and universities, specifically food wastes from campus dining facilities, are rich in both nutrient content and in potential biogas production. These facilities can take advantage of ...
  • Siwik, Jeffrey H. (Robert Morris University Honors Program, 2014-05-08)
    Retirement, although commonplace in all societies, requires significant planning in order to be successful. Once retired, a person no longer has a stable source of income. Workers need to prepare themselves well for their ...
  • Sarsfield, Alexa (Robert Morris University Honors Program, 2014-05-08)
    This research project creates a guide for newly elected team captains. The guide is created by analysis of management tools used when new managers are hired. A structured framework is presented for team captains that can ...

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